Commercial Laundry Route & Management Services in NC & VA

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Although you may be the owner or manager of a laundry facility, running the business may not be your top priority, particularly if your units are located in a residential community or hotel.

At Consolidated Laundry, we understand your need to focus on tasks other than the day-to-day duties that come with operating a laundry, so we paired up with LG to create routing services to help alleviate your load. From coin collection to repairs and maintenance, Consolidated Laundry and LG bring you a service that can handle all simple tasks that come with operating a laundry so you don’t have to.

Consolidated Laundry’s unique routing service provides laundry facility owners who operate laundries in hotels, residence halls and dormitories, and apartment complexes with installation and equipment management services.

Consolidated Laundry’s routing services make running your laundry a breeze.  We will install your equipment, supply maintenance support, and collect money--all you have to do is split the revenue with us. With access to a service this convenient, you will never be bogged down by the responsibilities that accompany owning a laundry facility.

Focus on Your Residents & Guests While We Handle the Rest

Consolidated Laundry understands that running a laundry can be a tough business. Between maintaining the facility and dealing with machine maintenance issues, laundry establishment operators can get overloaded with the daily activities associated with managing a laundry. However, with routing services from Consolidated Laundry, maintaining your facility and maintaining your property doesn’t have to be a juggling act. Take advantage of our routing services today so you can concentrate on the needs of your residents or guests, not the upkeep of your laundry establishment.

Want to learn more about this special service? Contact a Consolidated Laundry team member in your area for additional information.